AXIS News and Educational PDF

  • Axis AB: Half-year report January-June 2018

    - Second quarter Net sales increased during the second quarter by 23 percent to SEK 2,601 M (2,119). Net sales increased by 25 percent in local currencies. Operating profit amounted to SEK 429 M (209), which corresponds to an operating margin of 16.5 percent (9.9). Net profit for the period amounted to SEK 331 M (149). Earnings per share amounted to SEK 4.77 (2.14). The first half of 2018 Net sales increased during the period by 12 percent to [...]
  • Axis launches cloud-based managed services platform to extend security service providers’ and alarm monitoring companies’ offering

    In a further development of its cloud-based services, Axis Communications has today launched AXIS Guardian, which is designed to allow security service providers and alarm monitoring companies to offer an end-to-end managed service with remote monitoring. AXIS Guardian has been created in close collaboration with a number of alarm and security service companies to specifically meet the needs of their customers. - Designed to integrate with a provider’s existing alarm monitoring software, the video data is processed on the edge by Axis and then stored in the cloud and/or locally. Using AXIS Guardian’s centralized device management, providers can maintain and manage their clients’ systems remotely while delivering stable and reliable monitoring to their end customers, without the overheads of maintenance or installation. AXIS Guardian allows alarm [...]
  • Axis launches advanced 5 MP stainless-steel and 4K dome cameras for solid performance in harsh environments

    Axis complements top-of-the-line AXIS Q35 Series with two multi-megapixel, outdoor-ready fixed domes. Developed for solid performance in challenging light conditions and rough environments, the new models are perfect for surveillance in a wide range of areas such as critical infrastructure, city surveillance, airports, railway stations, harbors, healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries. - Based on top-quality ½” sensors and Axis latest and most advanced image processing, AXIS Q3518-LVE delivers 4K, and the stainless-steel AXIS Q3517-SLVE delivers 5 MP, in 30 fps with outstanding image quality in challenging light conditions. This includes support for Axis OptimizedIR illumination, Forensic WDR and Lightfinder technology. The new models also support Axis award-winning Zipstream technology, which preserves important details in full [...]
  • Take full control and reap the benefits of network audio with AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server

    The increasing sophistication of network audio technologies and the ability to bring the benefits of audio to a growing number of environments has inevitably led to more complex arrangements of audio devices. In announcing AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server, Axis Communications has created a single point of audio management for larger and more advanced systems, enabling organizations to enhance the benefits of audio in security, public address and improved customer experience with background music. - AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server offers a complete audio management package that includes both hardware and software. It allows users to manage and control all their network audio devices from a single user interface, including network speakers, audio bridges, microphones and horn speakers from Axis. Easy to install and operate, AXIS Audio Manager is perfect for central management of audio content and scheduling in larger, more advanced audio [...]
  • Axis expands access control portfolio with launch of network door controller for large-scale installations

    Those organizations requiring large-scale access control installations, whether in terms of advanced functionality, number of doors or number of credentials, have a new option on the market. Organizations can now meet their needs through Axis and its partners, as the company launches AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller. With the ability to manage a large number of doors, and quickly process up to 70,000 credentials, AXIS A1601 is ideally-suited to large, multi-site and advanced installations. Based on open standards, the door controller easily integrates with other hardware and software, and alongside the existing AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, completes a comprehensive access control solution for organizations of any scale. - Every organization has an individual access control requirement, and as the scale of a business grows, so does the complexity of its access control needs. Different levels of security within a building or site, hundreds if not thousands of credentials to manage and process, and integration of different hardware and software from multiple vendors all add to this complexity. AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller is a smart, independent device [...]
  • Axis Communications starts software development office in Linköping, Sweden

    Axis Communications, global industry leader in network video and headquartered in Lund, Sweden, will open an R&D office for software development in Linköping in May. In a few years, Axis expects to have about one hundred employees in the new office. - “Axis is a growth company. Our strong focus on research and development is one of the cornerstones of our success. As we are growing rapidly, we have to look outside Lund to recruit the required competencies at the rate we need,” says Kenneth Jonsson, Vice President R&D at Axis Communications. During 2017, Axis generated sales of just over SEK 8.6 billion, of which more than 18 percent were invested in R&D. At Axis headquarters in Lund, more [...]
  • Axis AB: Report from Annual General Meeting 2018

    Axis AB (publ) held its Annual General Meeting on April 18, 2018. The following is an account of the most important resolutions and their main content. - Resolution regarding dividend On request by shareholders representing more than one tenth of all the shares in the company, the Annual General Meeting resolved on a minority dividend of SEK 1.44 per share. April 20, 2018 was adopted as record date for the dividend. Report of the special examiner The report from the concluded special examination was presented at the Annual General Meeting, whereby the special examiner reported that Axis’ Board [...]
  • Axis AB: Interim report January-March 2018

    - The first quarter Net sales increased by 2 percent during the first quarter to SEK 2,058 M (2,027). Net sales increased by 8 percent in local currencies. Operating profit amounted to SEK 178 M (234), which corresponds to an operating margin of 8.6 percent (11.6). Net profit for the period amounted to SEK 127 M (177). Earnings per share amounted to SEK 1.82 (2.55). President’s comments The first quarter saw a stable beginning to the year, [...]
  • Axis unveils comprehensive range of IR-enabled cameras at ISC West

    Infrared (IR) illumination provides a highly-effective enhancement for video surveillance in complete darkness. At ISC West in Las Vegas, Axis Communications is unveiling several new network cameras featuring its IR functionality, including pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and fixed dome cameras, bullet, fisheye and panoramic cameras, and discreet sensors units. Together, these bring IR capability to almost any surveillance environment and answer an increased market demand. - IR’s ability to allow cameras to literally ‘see in the dark’ is an obvious additional benefit to video surveillance for a number of reasons, from allowing 24/7 surveillance without the need for additional lighting, to enabling ultra-discreet surveillance in sensitive locations. By launching several new cameras which feature built-in IR illumination, Axis is delivering the benefits of IR in the most cost-efficient, easily installed way to almost [...]
  • Axis reduces TCO through flexible addition of audio and I/O functionality

    Today, Axis Communications is announcing AXIS T61 Audio and I/O Interface Series, which enables audio and I/O connectivity to be added to Axis network cameras that don’t have this functionality built-in, and for the optimum placement of both the network camera and the audio functionality. In doing so, they provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for customers who see the benefits of audio and I/O, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Axis cameras and delivering greater lifetime value. - Connected between the camera and the switch, the new AXIS T61 Series units use portcast, a unique feature that allows for audio and I/O to be transferred digitally over the network cable between the camera and the interface. AXIS T6101 and AXIS T6112 Audio and I/O Interface will seamlessly bring the benefits of audio and I/O to a number of popular Axis cameras that do not have these capabilities already built-in. With the camera being separate [...]